Steel Sculpture Fabrication

We, at Tri East Steel Solution, deals in the manufacturing and supplying of all types of steel sculpture fabrication, welding, repair and modifications for our clients. We have a team of dedicated and professional steel fabricators who design and make steel sculptures to suit the varied needs of different clients.

With years of experience and technical know-how, our team of skilled steel fabricators excel in doing custom steel fabrication as well like:

• Metal Railings
• Fabricated Gates, Fabricated Gates, Artifacts
• Trailer Bodies
• Concrete Mould Formers, Trimmer Angles, Floor Plates and Channels
• Steel Beam and Column Lengths for Building Trade
• Wire Dispensers
• Galvanised cattle grids
• Steel Guards, Catwalks and Metal Handrails

With custom steel fabrication services, our engineers can work at client’s premises to carry out the welding, fabrication and installation job very well. At Tri East Steel Solution, we take special care of customer’s demands and look for the best designing options that are cost effective and highly efficient as well. We make sure that we give your stainless steel sculpture a consolidate apprearance for that high-end professional look.

Another important factor that makes us stand out among our competitors, is the fact that we can fabricate a range of sizes and polishes as well so that your sculpture can be altered according to your design needs. What’s more! We ship our products globally so whereever you want it, we can get it there for you.

Talking about our finishes, we take pride in informing our customers that we have a wide range of polishing abilities that goes from 3A Dairy Standard, through to Ultra Fine micron specifications and High Ra finishes. And all our architectural metal works are made of stainless steel.

For us, customer is the prime source of inspiration. We take inspirations and motivation from our loyal customers and their faith in our team keeps us moving and delivering quality products everytime. Quality is what we believe in and therefore we make sure to deliver quality at the end of the day!